Tips to get the most out of a home inspection

The housing market in Albany is truly a seller’s market right now.  Houses are selling very quickly.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get your offer in ahead of your competitors, you will want to plan your next steps immediately.  The next thing on most buyers’ lists is to hire a licensed and experienced home inspector to check the condition of the home and identify where any repairs are necessary.   Unfortunately, there are buyers that don’t take the inspection and subsequent reporting seriously.  Here are some thoughts for your consideration:

Be present during the home inspection

The best way to maximize the value of the inspection is to be present and be prepared to ask any questions about anything that might concern you.  This is your hard-earned money being invested & it is important to be thorough and understand what is found.  Remember, there are no stupid questions.  Ask away!  The inspector is there for you so take full advantage of it.  Being present will ensure that you have a better understanding of the home inspection report that he provides you upon completion.  You will be able to address priority issues quickly as they are fresh in your mind, having been there.

Make sure the home inspector is competent for the job at hand

There are many home inspectors in the local Albany market.  The challenge is to be able to differentiate those with professionalism, skill and an ability to provide long-term value from those who cannot.  You are making a substantial investment and making the right choice by doing your due diligence will save you money in the long run.  You will want to know their experience, client testimonials if available, certifications and specializations.  Ask as many questions as you can to ensure your investment is deemed positive.

Pre-inspection check

If you’re like most of us, purchasing a home is likely the greatest investment of your life. If you have the ability to do so, try to visit the house and walk around the property on your own, without anyone present.  You will be able to focus more and can take notes that you can discuss when you actual attend the inspection process..  A thorough pre-inspection check will give you confidence the next time around.

Negotiate repairs with the seller

After the inspection has been done and the inspection report is furnished, the next thing to do is to discuss with the seller’s representative about your findings and work to negotiate.  The goal of the inspection is to identify problem areas that will determine if you should walk away or if the problems are minor enough that you can work out an arrangement as a part of the final contract.

A home inspection can be frustrating and nerve-racking but getting yourself involved in the process and asking questions about things you don’t know, you can be sure it will be a great investment of your time.  

If you have questions about home inspections in the Albany area or have other needs, please reach out to Bald Eagle Inspection Services.

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