What does a home inspection include?

A quality home inspection is without a doubt the best way to evaluate the home you are considering to purchase or the one you are planning on selling.  A thorough inspection should catch all problems present and detail areas requiring immediate attention and others that are not as important.  

NEVER purchase a home without making the investment in a home inspection.  With the cost being under $600 in most cases, it is a minimal investment to give you peace of mind and confidence in your decision to buy or walk away.  So. be sure to invest in finding someone you can trust, who is affordable, thorough and honest.

Here is a simple list of what you can expect to be included in a home inspection in Albany:

Structural components of the home

These include the foundation, framing, windows, doors and other parts of the house that hold up the structure. The inspector’s job is to check whether the home’s skeleton requires any repair work and if it is able to withstand the effects of the cold winter weather including snow and ice.  Or, the wet Spring weather that could unsettle the foundation or cause leaks, and subsequent buildup of mold or other problems including termites, ants etc…

Roofing of the home

With the winter weather we get here in the Albany area, you will want to be sure you hire an inspector who is experienced, and will check every component of the roof.  These will include the drainage system, downspouts, loose gutters, buckled shingles, flashing around the chimney or vent pipes that might need repair or replacement.  We have seen inspectors just look at the roof from the ground and tell a client that it is good for another 5-10 years.  BIG mistake!  Make sure your home inspector in Albany invests the extra time to get up on the roof and do a thorough inspection.

The Exterior around the home

Inspecting around the home is equally important.  It will provide clues as to the level of care and maintenance the previous owner invested in keeping the property safe and up-to-date.  These areas include driveways, surface drainage, home siding, trim, steps, deck foundations, pool structures, outdoor electrical wiring etc.  Due to the fact all these are exposed to the elements all the time, it is important to thoroughly inspect them.

The electrical work

A general inspection will also including checking for proper maintenance and conditions of all electrical aspects of a home including service panels, breakers, entrance wires, interior and exterior fixtures and lighting, outlets etc.  They will work to determine if the panel could be overloaded due to improper wiring etc.

The heating and the air conditioning system (HVAC)

Your inspector will inspect the heating and cooling system to determine if they have been properly maintained with new filters, leaks, ages of the system, its energy rating and if the size of the system is adequate for current usage.  They will help you determine if the unit needs replacing.  Further, the home inspector will check the chimney, flues and vents to determine if they have any issues that would prevent smoke from adequately venting. 

The Interior

A great inspector will check the walls, ceilings, cabinet, floors and other interior parts of the house to determine if there are problem areas that need fixing.  They will see if there is any insect damage, condensation or water build up that could cause mold development.  Your health and safety of utmost importance and having someone do a thorough job is extremely important.

Insulation and ventilation

Proper ventilation is important.  If ventilation is limited, you can expect an increase in moisture which can cause mold in walls and other damage caused by water.


The inspector will check the drainage system, the seals and vents, look under sinks and throughout bathrooms to make sure everything is working correctly.  Excess water issues would be a major concern that might leave you deciding to walk away…

The goal is to hire a thorough home inspector who will address each of these areas and provide you with a detailed report that will help you make a decision to purchase the home by negotiating for repairs OR if you should cancel the arrangement.  Invest wisely and find someone you can trust!

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