Tips to save money when considering the purchase of a home

A home inspection is like the fitting room at a clothing store, where you likely want to try it out before you invest your money and purchase it.  It quite possibly is the best thing you can do before deciding to purchase the home you and your family are interested in.  If will give you peace of mind and confidence in the decision you are about to make, whether you walk away or decide to purchase.

While an inspector will thoroughly inspect the home, you should do your very best to check every nook and cranny of the house as well.  Your complete satisfaction and long-term enjoyment is at stake so getting this work done right is your best decision.   These are a just a few tips you can implement to save money through the process…

Hire a professional home inspector

Most homebuyers have little knowledge when it comes to detecting problems in a home. Therefore, to save you from having to invest additional money than you might expect, we believe that hiring a certified home inspector will provide you with a strong return on investment.   Receiving a detailed report identifying problem areas and anticipated costs will give you guidance and direction as to what you should do.

Be present during the Inspection

Even though you have hired a professional to inspect the property for you. it is a great idea to be present during the inspection process.  You have specific likes and tastes and might have future plans for different areas of the home.  Being able to walk the home with the inspector will allow you to discuss your future plans.  The inspector can offer guidance and direction if there should be any cause for concern or if certain repairs or structural changes might be required.  As an example, you might want to add a full deck off the back of the home you are considering.  The inspector might determine that the ground is too soft and recommend you have to invest extra money to reinforce the ground before you can consider laying the deck foundation.  Or, you might want to have a bonus room over the garage and the inspector might tell you that the insulation quality is not up to code, forcing you to have to invest money into re-insulating.   Your presence will allow for easy communication and is ideal for future planning.  We highly recommend it!

Ask questions

There is no such thing as a stupid question.  Be sure to ask questions about anything you are uncertain of.  If you have questions about the plumbing in the basement, if the electrical system might need upgrading if you are planning to add a pool, just ask!   This is your one shot to get all the facts out in the open while it is fresh in your mind and the inspectors.  Interaction and communication will save you money in the long run for sure!

Test all utilities in the house to be sure they’re working

This might seem ridiculous but yes, you should absolutely test everything  There could be issues with electrical appliances or the electrical system.  There could be plumbing problems so be sure to flush the toilets.  Make sure the dishwasher works properly and drains quickly.  Test all outlets.   A good inspector will do this for you but it doesn’t hurt for you to get involved.   

The goal is always to save money and have confidence in the purchase of your new home.  Being involved with your home inspector and interacting at every level will make a big difference in the long run.  If you have specific questions about home inspections or other services like mold assessments, be sure to contact a certified home inspector in Albany.

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