What does a home inspector do when checking your dryer vents?

The dryer is one of the most essential appliances in the household. It is used at least three times a week, if not more to dry the clothes, usually just after washing. All dryers are attached to an exterior vent/ exhaust duct, which extends outside the house. The dryer removes water or moisture from the clothes and also lint and to prevent the lint from flying around, vents mesh nets are attached to dryers to filter out the lint.   The lint that comes out of the dryer is moist, some of it gets stuck to the pipes, which need to be periodically cleaned. Most people clean the dryer regularly, but forget the vent, which in the long run can become a serious problem if you are not careful.  

A home inspector who is thorough in his work will be checking dryer vents to ensure they work properly and that they are not unsafe to operate.   He will invest time possible on the roof but, for certain, in and around the utility area where the dryer hookups are located.

Some of what a good home inspector will check for with your dryer vents:

  1. The vent connection- First, he checks if the vent pipes are connected properly to the dryer or not.  Second, the placement of the exhaust. Exhaust should always be outside the house and never in the basement or somewhere inside the house, which can increase humidity leading to mold and wood rot.

  2. How clean are the vent pipes? – Lint traps should be cleaned after every use and the exhaust should be cleaned every quarter at least. There are a number of DIY kits available in the market or one can even take professional help.

Lint is particles of clothes which get detached from the fabric during washing or drying. As these are tiny particles of fabric can be of cotton, linen, wool or any other material, they are highly combustible and easy catch fire. One must give utmost importance to the cleaning of the vents and also take suggestions (if any) about the change or clean up of the vents, by the home inspector seriously.

If you are local to the Albany area and are considering selling your home, or even looking at homes to purchase, you will want to invest in having a thorough home inspection completed.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions!!!  Call Bald Eagle Inspection Services today!

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