Why is my floor drain backing up in my basement?

If you live in the Albany or Saratoga Springs areas and have a home more than 40 years old, there is always the chance that you might experience the drain in the basement backing up.  We have seen this countless times when we have done house inspections in Saratoga Springs for other homeowners.

 The question is: why does this seem to happen? 

The one thing that you do not want to hear is that if the water is backing up in your floor drain, chances are, it really isn’t a problem with the drain itself. You might think that we are crazy but we are simply telling you the truth from many years of experience.

What is actually happening is, the drain itself is not the problem, there is a clog somewhere in the drain line deeper down in the system in the ground. Regardless if you have a floor drain or not, water will always drain at the lowest fixture, typically it is a floor drain.

The culprit is a clog in the drain pipe down stream of the actual drain itself.  Now, the thing to mention is, if you attempt to do this work on your own, they can be extremely messy and downright difficult to solve. You really need to have professional equipment that has enough lanes to reach wherever the clog might be.

If you are not interested in resolving this on your own, definitely call in Albany home inspector like Bald Eagle Inspection Services.  We also provide mold assessment services to Albany and up to Saratoga.

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