5 Tips to Pass a Home Inspection

The process of getting your home inspected can be daunting. Many sellers lose good buyers over home inspection but that’s something that can be easily avoided. If you know you have a well maintained house and need to pass a home inspection, here are five tips that can help make the process a breeze.

Do a House Inspection Yourself First

Put yourself in the inspector’s shoes and take a tour of the house. What would you want to change or fix? Is there anything that would raise warning bells? A house inspection yourself before the actual process can help highlight all the important issues that you need to address.

Be Upright

It’s natural to want to lie to a home inspector on any major faults that you know of when you want to sell your house. But house inspectors are professionals. Even if you’re not honest, the inspector will find out the truth eventually. So when the house inspector asks you initial questions on any faults or structural damage, be upright about it.

Maintain the Exterior

Before entering the building, your house inspector will first notice how well maintained the exterior of the building is. This includes the yards or the fencing or even the patio. Get rid of the clutter, mow the lawn and make a good first impression of the house you’re set to sell.

Get Ready with the Documents

If you’ve had repair or renovation done in the past, you should provide the documents of the services to your house inspector. Not only will this make you look honest but many buyers need physical proof of any renovation that’s been done.

Don’t Stick Around for the House Inspection

House inspection is a private process between the house inspector and the prospective buyer. Accompanying them during the inspection will only make them uncomfortable and reduce your chances of making a successful sale.

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