Preparing your House For Home Inspection

A Home inspection isn’t a milestone only for prospective buyers; sellers have an equal benefit of having a successful home inspection done. Before you book a day with the home inspector and invite him in, you need to prepare your house. After all, the inspection can make or break the deal.

Clean, Clean, Clean

That’s a no-brainer, of course. Getting your house sparkling clean and spotless is the first step to prepare it for home inspection. Bring out the mops and brushes and get to work!

Keep the Utilities Up and Running

You don’t want your prospective buyer to think you don’t have gas or electricity. So in case you have any of the basic utilities switched off, it’s essential that you have them up and running before house inspection.

Make the Rooms Accessible

A good plan of action would be to combine all of the house keys in one key ring. Make sure everything in your house is accessible whether it’s a locked basement, an inconvenient attic or a detached garage. You want to hide nothing from your home inspector because if you do, it could raise suspicion.

Let the Natural Light In

It’s no secret that a well-ventilated and lighted house can reward you a few bonus points. Have your blinds up and curtains opened to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your house. It’s alright if the cords or window sills have become rusty over time. Home inspectors don’t expect the houses to be in a perfect state anyway.

Take Care of the Front Yard

The first thing the house inspector will notice is the exterior and the surroundings of your building. Even if some inspectors might choose to ignore it, it’s always a good idea to clean up outside the patio as well. First impressions matter.

Organize Your Documents

Some home inspectors may ask you for any relevant repair bills or documents you have. It’s best to organize them in a file beforehand so you wouldn’t have to waste time finding for them when the inspector is in your house.

House inspection is a time-consuming process and you may have to leave your house for a good three hours. However, if you prepare for the inspection in advance and make sure you tick all the right boxes, we can guarantee your time will not be wasted.

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