What are we looking for when inspecting your basement?

When you are out in the market looking for your perfect home, it can be increasingly difficult these days in Albany with the low inventory of available homes for sale.

With fewer homes on the market, it is more likely you will have to purchase an older home on the outskirts of the main population areas. When you do this, it increases the chances of problems that might be identified by a home inspector with structural or basement issues.

Older homes are more susceptible to water damage since basements are usually closer to the water table. It is not uncommon to see wet or damp basement throughout the Capital Region.

The key is to hire a thorough and professional home inspector in Albany that will identify any issues and provide you with a detailed report prioritizing what needs to be addressed first.

So what are some of the things that they will look for? 

1) mildew or mold the orders in the house –  if there is any stale or musty odor’s noticeable in your basement, it is a chance that mold is accumulating in damp areas along the walls or the foundation.  Many people will use fans to attempt to dry out the basement but it is impossible to keep ahead of it.  

2) if we find any paint that is peeling or water stains, that is further proof that there is too much moisture or water seeping into your basement. If the carpets feel damp or soggy, this is a clear indication you might want to keep looking at other homes.

3) A good home inspector will also be looking for cracks in or around the foundation. They will look both inside and outside. This is a sign that the home is settling in that there might be too much water getting under the foundation and around the soil. This could be a simple fix if proper drainage systems are put in place around the house.

If you were looking for a qualified Albany home inspector or in need of mold assessment services determine the nature of your problem, please consider calling Bald Eagle Inspection Services today!

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