Proper Radon testing location during a home Inspection.

Placement of a radon test during a home Inspection is very important.

Per the EPA,  “The measurements should be made in the lowest level which contains a room that is used regularly. Test areas include family rooms, living rooms, dens, playrooms, and bedrooms.” Many untrained home inspectors make the mistake of placing radon test kits in unfinished basement spaces. It should be known that unfinished spaces can impact a radon test negatively and lead to higher results. Per EPA, the best place for a radon test would be on the lowest living level of a home.

The proper radon testing standard for a radon test during a home inspection is to place two devices no closer than 4” of each other. This is to ensure error or a faulty device is not present. pCi/L Is the measurement of radon gases present, both radon devices should measure within tenths of a pCi/L.

Radon testing is a fairly easy task, however, if placement is not properly selected, the repercussions can be costly to the residential sale.

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