Zinsser Mold Killing Primer, Did you read the label?

As a Mold Assessor I often come across remediation contractors who specify Zinsser as an acceptable encapsulate product for their remediation process. Zinsser is not an encapsulate material, It is a primer, part of a two step system manufactured by Rust-Oleum. It is highly suggested that the labels and Technical Data Sheets (TDS) (see link … Read more

Mie Laser Scattering Technology (IAQ Screening)

Bald Eagle Inspection Services, LLC is now using Mie Laser Scattering Technology for indoor air quality screenings of VOCs and Formaldehyde levels. This is a very advanced technology that analyzes particle concentration by detecting particles as they pass through a laser field. Two individual devices are utilized to assist in identifying and ruling out potential … Read more

What level should a radon test be conducted on?

  Radon gas is a radioactive, colorless, odorless gas emitted from rock and soil from the ground. It can be contained in confined areas and or well water of a home. Radon gas is considered by the EPA to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. I have been asked … Read more

Different Types of Mold Testing Techniques Explained

There are typically four techniques of mold testing available to all mold assessors and inspectors. These levels include: non-intrusive visual inspection, swabs, tapes, bulk samples, air sampling and intrusive. A non-intrusive visual inspection is considered the lowest level of confirmation of mold, however, when visual confirmation cannot be made, the next level of confirmation of mold would be … Read more

Prevent ice damage and backups!

I wanted to take a moment to post some important information regarding the coming warm weather and  how it could create roof troubles.  We have recently received snowfall that has left our roofs piled and now we are about to experience warmer weather. This weather pattern is a perfect to create all sorts of roof … Read more

How to interpret your mold air sampling results.

Due to popular demand, we have now added a service to interpret mold results for clients all over the globe. We provide review, interpretation and recommendations based on your mold results from other vendors and contractors. If you would like to engage this service, please use the contact us page or the link below to … Read more

Proper Radon testing location during a home Inspection.

Placement of a radon test during a home Inspection is very important.  Per the EPA,  “The measurements should be made in the lowest level which contains a room that is used regularly. Test areas include family rooms, living rooms, dens, playrooms, and bedrooms.” Many untrained home inspectors make the mistake of placing radon test kits in … Read more

What to do when mold is discovered during your home inspection…

Most home inspectors are trained to discover signs of a mold-like substance during their inspection of your property. The typical locations where mold can easily be discovered during a home inspection is within attics and basement areas or wherever water and plumbing leaks can happen, such as bathrooms. A good home inspector will not only … Read more

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