Common problems with electrical outlets found by home inspectors

The most complex system in any home is the electrical system. It definitely requires keen inspection as it could prove to be most dangerous if left unattended for a long time. Trying your hands on the electrical system of you home could not only risk your safety but even puts the safety of your family and your home at stake, especially if you are a novice. Hence it is necessary to seek professional help when the need arises. But before that, it is necessary to get it inspected from time to time by a professional home inspector. A home inspector is well qualified to carry out the inspection in a professional manner, particularly the electrical outlets of your home. Once he inspects the electrical outlets of your home, he would probably notice these common problems:

·       Defective wiring: Home inspectors will inspect for incorrect, worn out or damaged wiring in the electrical outlets. If it is an older property, perhaps during the 70’s, there might be aluminum wirings done which needs to be replaced immediately. It is quite dangerous to have exposed and worn out wires, loose connections and weak endpoints can pose a major threat to you and your loved ones residing in your property.

·       Old electric panel: Electric panel consists of fuses and breakers to regulate a proper flow of electric current through the circuits. Thus it is primarily important that the electrical panel of your house must function perfectly and is undamaged. The inspector checks for these aspects and if an outdated electric panel is installed, he will ask for a replacement.

·       Power supply shortage: Generally older homes have several electrical issues as the old installation cannot support the operation of modern electrical devices. Thus many home owners experience inadequate power to drive the appliances properly.

·       Bad electrical outlets: Electrical outlets must not have loose connection and must not overheat. There must be enough electrical outlets to make sure that the system is not overloaded which otherwise might cause fire hazards.

·       Missing or faulty GFCI outlets: Installation of GFCI outlets is mandatory near wet areas. GFCI outlets work as safety outlets having reset and test switches. When the area is wet, it turns off providing safety to the property. Thus these outlets must be in proper working condition all the time.

·       Faulty grounding: Grounding of wires is necessary and homes need sufficient grounding so that the excess current is grounded and does not cause any casualties. Hence grounded receptacles are a must and a professional inspector will guide you with perfectly.

This is the reason why it is necessary to get a home inspection in Albany done by a professional home inspector as electrical issues can create life threatening incidents. Electrical outlets are the most vulnerable features that need to be evaluated from time to time to ensure maximum safety to the family and property. A timely home inspection is of utmost importance these days, particularly if the property is old.     

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