Three tips to find a great home inspector

Buying a new home for you and your family is an exciting time.  To ensure the experience is positive and there are no unexpected problems as you go through the process to purchase your new home, it is extremely important to have it checked thoroughly by a professional and licensed home inspector in Albany.

Having a quality home inspection is the best way to be certain that the home you are considering for purchase will not present any major structural or health issues.  Home inspections might also include mold assessments, if recommended.  We are fully aware that inspections are not inexpensive and that it is important to put it in perspective; it is an investment into ensuring that the largest purchase you are making is going to be good for you and your family.

It is important that you do not hire just any inspector.  You might want to consider asking for recommendations from friends or family in the Albany area that might have had a great experience.  Or, you could check for recommendations from the national or New York State association of home inspectors in Albany or search online by typing something like “home inspector in Albany NY.”

A thoroughly completed home inspection will uncover problem areas in the home that might include foundation issues, water damage in the roof, plumbing or electrical concerns.  The findings of the inspection report will let you know if the home or building is worth the price asked for or if you should consider negotiating for a lower price or simply walk away.  A great inspector will advise you on those things you would want to get repaired or replaced, and in what priority based on severity of the issue.  Further, they will likely provide you with great referrals for the appropriate work that needs to be completed.  

In most cases, hiring a professional and skilled home inspector may seem time consuming and frustrating for most homebuyers but you don’t have to worry.  We have taken the liberty to provide the necessary steps you should take to ensure your final selection is one you have complete confidence in.

Ask for their Qualifications and Certifications

This is the best way to know if the home inspector is qualified to inspect your home for you. The inspector you want to hire should have basic training in building maintenance, building construction and should have relative experience in the field. Ask for the following: proof of training, certifications, continuing education, any previous work completed, experiences in the field and questions you feel like asking that’s related to home inspection. Focusing on these areas will give you confidence if the inspector you are considering is the right fit for your needs.


As we all know, even the top-rated inspectors are human beings and sometimes may make honest mistakes that could be costly.  It is highly recommended to find out if the inspector has adequate insurance that will cover the covers them for anything unexpected.  You should always ask for the company’s policies and any guarantees offered for different types of situations that might arise.


This is another way to know whether the home inspector is reliable and established in the industry or not. Asking if they are registered or a member of a particular association or not shows you whether you can trust them. If a home inspector is registered, it should breed confidence that they are investing in their business and willing to take the extra steps to differentiate themselves from all the others out there.  If there were issues, you can always reach out to the association for help.

These are just a few suggestions we believe will make it easier for you to make the right selection of a home inspector based on your needs as you consider purchasing a home in the Albany area.   If you have specific questions, feel free to reach out to Bald Eagle Home Inspections.

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