What is window glazing?

Glazing is the use of putty between the glass and its wooden structure to make it weather-tight. This seals the window and prevents it from water and rot. There can be single, double or triple glazing depending upon the requirement and type of glass. One usually does glazing to prevent outside weather changes from affecting inside the house and the house temperature is maintained. Glazing increases the energy efficiency of the windows.

Home inspections are mostly done in relation to the sale of the house. In most states in the United States, it is compulsory to verify the condition of the house before signing the contract to buy the house. House inspectors are educated/ trained for this work. They have to pass examinations before they get their license. Also, in order to keep themselves updated with the times, they have to give separate examinations and get their license renewed periodically. They examine the entire structure of the house; they inspect the attic, basement, and foundation, in short, everything that is physically present. One must also note that, though the home inspector’s report does have an effect on the house value, but the actual value of the house is determined by a home appraiser. Most well- qualified home inspectors know from the physical appearance only, the in- depth problem inside. Like, if there is caulking that means there is problem of water seepage. Likewise, they first do the visual test and if required, do a specific test to verify the problems.

Window glazing problems are mostly related to repair and maintenance. Over the period of time, the windows, its side putty, wood or metal frame tends to wear-out giving issues. Issues like condensation, reduced visibility or water entering occur. Eventually, it may lead to the seal completely breaking and further the glass may also break. Water intrusion may lead to rot or mold growth. This means the energy efficiency of the glass has reduced and there is a leak of some sort or the other.

One must take the home inspector’s opinion on the same seriously. From the safety point of view of the property as well as residents, especially the buyer must make sure this problem is fixed. The buyer and the seller must mutually decide, as to who is going to fix the problem and also who is going to pay for it. Though windows are a small part of the house, they play a very important role in the well- being of the house. After all, windows are the primary source of ventilation, inlet or outlet of the house.


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