5 likely causes of your roofing problems

Unlike the interior of your house that you are always exposed to, what goes up in your roof could go unnoticed. Roofing problems are usually disregarded until they become especially damaging and need immediate fixing. That is why regular roof inspections are highly recommended to ensure your roof is breathing well. There can be a number of roofing problems that need attention, some of which are listed in this article.

#1: Faulty Installation and Lack of Maintenance

A roof that is not properly installed can cause problems in the long run. Make sure the roof is properly fixed by hiring a specialized roof inspector. Faulty installation of the roof could include improper drainage and improperly installed flashing (that seals the areas where vents, pipes, chimney and other heating or cooling outlets are present).

A lack of maintenance and regular roof inspections might also result in these problems going unnoticed and produce greater damage.

#2: Poor Moisture Control

Moisture, leaks, rain water and debris all tend to collect on the roof tops. Normally a proper drainage system will wash away the excess water and moisture into the gutter but in cases where the gutter has been blocked by over accumulation of debris or if the drainage was never installed correctly in the first place, your roof could face a crisis.

Leaks and moisture can encourage the growth of mold and lead to problems that can become apparent of your ceilings. Water dripping from the ceiling is a classic sign that your roof does not have a proper drainage controlling system.

#3: Flora and Fauna

Animals and seeds carried by the wind usually lodge and find a breeding ground on rooftops. These animals can cause different kinds of damage to your roof. Spores from plants can also cause health problems if they remain unnoticed for a long time.

Similarly, overhanging trees can cause pressure and wear and tear of your roof so you need to make sure the environment is not playing a part in damaging your roof.

#4: Holes and Spaces

Winds and storms can sometimes be harsh enough to penetrate and puncture your roof. After an episode of a bad weather, check your roof for any damages or holes and get them fixed promptly.

#5: Damages to the Fascia

The fascia of a roof is the thin strip that runs along the edges of your roof line and forms a protective layer between the roof the weather. It is commonly made up of wood and metal and it can get worn out by time. To ensure the fascia is functioning as it should, it is recommended to hire a professional roof inspector.

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