Should I caulk my toilet base?

Is there a putrid smell emanating from your toilet? Chances are the wax ring might be leaking and in need of replacement.

Are you someone who doesn’t want to take thetime to take the toilet apart and remove the wax ring?  A simple, short term solution just might be to caulk your toilet base.

If you were to ask a home inspector if you should call your toilet at the floor, the resounding answer is yes.   The truth is, toilets rarely will leak water onto the floor. Rather, they might leak through the floor and around the gaskets. So, if they are not leaking at the floor, it should be safe to caulk the toilet at the base. 

One great reason to do this is to use the caulk to prevent any foul odor. If any bathroom liquid get under the toilet there is absolutely no way to clean it up.  Hence, just caulk around the base of the toilet and it will prevent anything from getting underneath it.

Another reason to caulk the toilet is to help secure it to the floor. The Johnny bolts are designed to keep the toilet secure and in place but caulking definitely can help. 

Surprisingly, caulking around the toilet could also be a code requirement. Every state has different code requirements so make sure to check for yourself what nearest state requires.   The reality is when any fixture touches the floor there should be a watertight seal that connects the fixture to the floor.

Many people we talk to like to caulk around the toilet and leave a slight gap at the back of the toilet in the event there is a leak that can escape out the back.

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