Prevent ice damage and backups!

I wanted to take a moment to post some important information regarding the coming warm weather and  how it could create roof troubles.

We have recently received snowfall that has left our roofs piled and now we are about to experience warmer weather. This weather pattern is a perfect to create all sorts of roof problems including leaks, ice dams and damaged shingles.

The best way to prepare for warmer weather is to take some time to clear the first 4 feet of snow off your roof and clean valleys. You want to create a clear path for water to melt and run off your roof. Leaving piled snow acts like a sponge which can absorb melted water and refreeze at night. Refreezing snow can backup and create a wedge that penetrates shingles, ultimately creating leaks. Leaks can lead to wet sheathing and wet attics which can cause mold.

If you already have large deposits of ice buildup on your roof and especially if you have clogged gutters further complicating the problem, ice melt products can be used to create channels to allow melted water to run off the roof.  Ice melt products are often safe on most roof surfaces.

If you are not comfortable with cleaning your own roof or walking it, contact a roofer. Most roofers will clean your roof and inspect the surface and attic for potential damages at a fee. If you have already experienced roof damage and leaks due to ice, contact a qualified roofer immediately to stabilize the problem and then contact your insurance company. Most homeowners policies will cover the loss.

In any case, be aware of the snow and ice on your roof and the potential for ice dams and leaks when warmer weather is in the forecast. At a minimum, check your attic for leaks. Catching the issue early can drastically reduce damages and checking an attic is something most homeowners are comfortable with.

If you are one of the less fortunate and end up with roof damage and or mold, contact a qualified roofer, your insurance company and visit

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