Insurance companies and your mold problem! Did they do their job?

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of conducting mold assessments and inspections for clients who had experienced an insurance claim within the recent past such as a pipe break, hot water tank leak or even septic backups into their home (gross). For most of these people they are not experienced with flood response or even what to do first, so they rely on their insurance company to guide them. For most of these clients the insurance company has quickly come out and conducted their adjustment and cut them a check and everyone is happy, right? Wrong…

It’s not until the aftermath occurs that I usually get the call. Flood and water damages which are not properly cleaned up can cause a mold issue pretty quickly and some can be large and some can be costly! As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency website says to “dry items before mold grows, if possible. In most cases, mold will not grow if wet or damp items are dried within 24-48 hours,” which also suggests if it’s wet for longer than 48 hours something sinister might be growing. 

Most people don’t realize that if they do find themselves in this unforgettable circumstance, the insurance company is responsible. Insurance adjusters are trained to identify losses which require dehumidification, quick response cleanup and mold inspection. Unfortunately some insurance adjusters will roll the dice and take a “wait and see” approach to avoid costly cleaning upfront.

If the mold contamination can be linked back to the original claim the insurance company can be pursued for additional loss and damages, especially if they sent a trained representative or adjuster out to inspect. 

This is where Bald Eagle Inspection Services comes into play. BEIS has been on many clients’ side in this circumstance. As a matter of fact, we consider ourselves specialists at helping you fight the insurance company for additional costs!

If you find yourself in this type of situation or know someone who is, call 518-488-2538 or visit our website at

We will come out and perform a full inspection of your mold problem, conduct comprehensive testing, provide detailed reports and assist you every step of the way.


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