Tips to ensure your home is ready for a home inspection

The real estate market here in the Capital Region is truly a sellers market right now.  With low inventory levels, buyers fight and clamor for homes, often resulting in sellers not having to be as concerned about how perfect their home presents itself.  That being said, you still want to do everything in your power to get the maximum amount of money from your home and get multiple offers submitted right away.   A competitive market does not mean you can leave your home in shambles.  The goal is to present it as best you can.  Here are suggestions to keep top of mind to ready your home for that home inspection that is coming your way.

Keep your home neat and tidy

First impressions really do make all the difference.  If the inspector and prospective buyer show up and see the house is not clean and well-maintained, they might assume, deservedly so, that you do not maintain your major systems properly.  As an example, they might think your HVAC is not serviced annually, or your electrical system might be overloaded or you do not keep your roof in tip-top shape.  Keep your home spotless, have all clutter removed so the house looks bigger than it really is.  The inspector is going to check every nook and cranny so be sure to make every section of the home accessible without much effort. 

Turn off the security systems

While this might not make or break the inspection or potential sale, you want to ensure you are not inconveniencing the inspection process by having alarms going off or having to call you as the owner to turn it off or even call the security company.  Time is valuable in getting the work done so be sure to keep this one top of mind.

Make sure all utilities are on

You should leave your home in the exact state as when you live there.  Do not turn off access to the water, gas or electricity.  You want to make it easy for the inspector to test and check all systems to ensure they work properly.   If the home is vacant and is not your primary residence, this is especially important.  You will want to invest time well in advance to test all the systems to ensure they are functioning properly.  The last thing you want is to identify a gas leak and the inspection scheduled for the next day!

Take your pets with you & stay away from the house!

If the home you are looking to sell is your primary residence, be sure that you take your pets with you.  Having a barking dog chase people around the house or other animals making noise, it might just scare away a potential buyer.  You want to keep your distance as well to let the professionals do their work in a relaxed environment where you are not looking over their shoulder, telling them about each section of the house in detail. 

There are many other tips but these are the main ones we would recommend you consider.  If you are looking for a skilled and professional home inspector who will do the job right the first time, please consider Bald Eagle Inspection Services.


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