Important tips when arranging a home inspection

After your offer on your desired home has been accepted, the next step in the process is to identify and hire a home inspector.  It is standard of all real estate contracts here in the Capital Region to allow for a certain number of days to schedule, complete and provide the findings of the home inspection.  This is not something to wait on.  It requires a sense of urgency.  You should check with friends to see if they can recommend someone to you that they had a great experience with.  Or, you can search online and Google “home inspectors in Albany.”  Here are just a few tips that will help this step of the process go as smooth as possible.

Be present during the home inspection

BE PRESENT – you being present during the inspection gives you an opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge of all the major systems, fixtures, appliances and most importantly, the roofing and foundation.  We talk about this all the time and in other posts, being present gives you current information and a thorough understanding of the home, its condition and the priority repairs or issues that could make or break your anticipated purchase. 

Access to technical support post-inspection advice

A great home inspector will provide a solid report of his or her findings, in a simple and easily readable format.  What is important is to know the available resources he can recommend do you.  As an example, if he finds it necessary to conduct an additional mold assessment based on finding excessive moisture in a downstairs bathroom, there is likely a chance he will find black mold or other forms in the area.  If so, you will want him to provide you with a solid recommendation of a mold remediation company that can come in and fix the problem.  Or, if the home is determined to have an outdated electrical system, you might need the services of a recommended electrician in the area.  If your home inspector has a wide network of good contacts, it will help save you likely time and money if you are still going to move forward with the home.

Identify Inspector Credentials

It’s very important that all home inspectors are certified by established organizations (ASHI or NACHI) and are required to have significant insurance as protection from any unforeseen circumstances.  An inspector with professional credentials will provide you peace of mind knowing that the individual you hire will identify the issues and present them in order of importance and priority of being addressed.

If you have questions about home inspection or mold assessment services here in the Capital Region, please consider calling Bald Eagle Inspection Services.


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