What does a home inspector look for with your plumbing system?

It is quite an exciting feeling when you are buying a new home. You have several expectations about your new home. You want your home to be perfect without any faults. Thus, a thorough inspection by a professional is required before you make a final decision. You might look for issues with the roofing, floors and walls, electrical wiring and plumbing which might show some warning signs that could be a potential danger. Among the several issues that could lead to possible danger, the most devastating is the plumbing issue.

Since you do not know how important in-depth inspection is, it is better to hire a professional home inspector to do this job. Moreover, some amount of money spent on professional inspection is far better than spending nearly thousands of dollars later. This is what a home inspector looks for in your plumbing system:

  • Check the water meter: Home inspection for plumbing system starts by checking the water meter as it is the main source. Find where the water meter in installed in the home and check the box, switches and shut-off valves. If the water source for the home is a well, shut the valve from the inside and check if the water is getting through the pipes and system by inspecting the water outlet and sink. It is very important to start the plumbing inspection by checking the water meter first to rule out any possible issues.

  • Check if there are Lead pipes fitted: Lead is known for causing health and environmental issues. Older homes have lead pipe fittings or have plumbing systems with lead components. Lead causes several health issues and is quite harmful for your entire family, be it kid, young or old. It pollutes the home water making it unsuitable for use. Make sure that the home inspector alerts you about any kind of lead fittings in the plumbing systems.

  • Water Heater inspection: Water heater should be inspected for worn out parts and for any signs of leakage. An average family with 4 members will need around 40 gallon tank for sufficient amount of hot water for showers and a few loads of laundry. The home inspector checks the place where the water heater is installed, which should ideally be easy to access, safe and in good condition. The inspector suggests for replacement of water heater is it is too old or shows signs of leakage.

  • Waste water from sewer and other pipelines: The home inspector checks if the waste water goes to city sewer or in a septic tank. Moreover he also checks for any types of clogs in the drainage pipe. He might carry out a simple camera inspection to check the drainage lines and ensure that it is clear for waste water to be disposed from your home. A part of his inspection includes checking the toilets for clogs and leakage. It is equally important to inspect the toilets thoroughly. What seems a small issue can lead to serious problem later. The toilet bowl should be firmly attached, there should be no slippery areas along the toilet bowl and no discoloration around the toilet base.

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