Why might you find condensation forming on some of your windows?

Home inspections are an integral component of the home buying and selling process.  While they are thoroughly-completed, to ensure all issues are found, they are still limited in nature, generally, non-evasive examinations of the condition of a home.  The inspector’s written report of findings, help the clients make home buying and/or selling decisions, but, at the end of teh day, he only determines the structural condition of the home.  It is the real estate appraiser who determines the value of the property.

A well-executed home inspection usually consists of finding possible water issues, house foundation concerns or any defects in the ceiling, rot or decay in the exterior, windows, doors, etc.  They check humidity levels, often find in and around windows in the form of condensation build-up.

Condensation can be in the form of water of frost in or on the windows, depending on the time of year.  It typically forms when warm, moist air comes in contact with dry, cooler air.  You may notice that condensation builds up on some windows but not others as the sun comes up in the morning.  Sometimes, condensation could be on the outside or the inside.  So, the question is, why does this tend to happen?

Condensation forms when the surface temperature of the window drops below the dew point.  Now, the dew point is when the air temperature reaches a level of 100% relative humidity.   A home inspector might use what is called a hygrometer to determine if there are any any significant moisture or humidity concerns that need to be addressed in your home.  It will confirm the level of relative humidity and track and changes in moisture levels between different rooms.

You will find condensation buildup where there are excessive trees creating significant shade on your home.  What we typically find in Albany is that there are many homes that are older, with older window designs and will experience significant heat loss.  The interior air escapes out leaking windows and comes into contact with the cold, outside air, causing condensation in the form of moisture buildup or frost, depending on the time of the year in the Capital Region.

It is a good idea to check for drafts by running your hands along the windows to feel if there are any drafts.  Sometimes it is a minor leak, other times, major leaks requiring immediate attention.  Now, if it is a major issue where you have two layers of glass and there is significant moisture buildup, what is happening is the airtight seal has been damaged – this can cause black mold buildup over time if not addressed.

If you are considering selling your home and are in the Albany area, it might be a good idea to consider hiring a home inspector to do a thorough assessment of your home to see what issues you might want to address.  Give Bald Eagle Inspection Services a call today!!!

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