Qualities of a great home inspector

Home inspectors play a significant role in the process of buying a home.  It’s always advisable to hire a professional, reliable and certified inspector to do the work for you.  Someone who has a proven track record and available references or client testimonials will make all the difference in earning your trust and confidence.  A high quality inspection will uncover problems that need to be fixed and will provide the buyer with the assurance that the home he or she is about to buy will not be a liability in future.  Here are some of the important qualities a prospective buyer should look for in a quality home inspector before hiring them.


This is a very important quality to be on the lookout for.   A home inspector must be diligent and truthful in all aspect of his work.  A diligent inspector would want to do the inspection and submit the report without wasting precious time. Someone who works with a sense of urgency, is thorough, detail-oriented, professional, with great communication skills.  Diligence seems to be a lost quality these days.  Someone you can trust to do the job right the first time, with character, integrity and always sensitive to your schedule is someone worthy of your consideration.

Allow the client to be present during the inspection

Another attribute of a professional inspector is that he will always want his client to be present during the inspection. This would be an opportunity to reveal some secret about the home for his client and to teach the client how to maintain the property without spending much outside of their budget.   If an inspector is hesitant to allow you to be present, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.  Transparency is a key quality to be on the lookout for and one we highly recommend.

Delivery of a detailed report to the client

The home inspector should be in a position to furnish a high quality, easily-readable and thorough inspection report; a document that will be easy for a non-professional to comprehend the information provided.  A well-detailed report should consist of the areas needed to be fixed, clear pictures of the areas and a thorough report with a range of cost for any recommended repairs or updates.  Though the report can be long, it’s important to include a summary of the areas and what’s needed to be done.

Must be experienced

His level of experience is another factor in making your final selection.  Though years of experience are not necessarily the most important, it  can serve in differentiating between those you should consider versus those you should not.  Experience should allow him to advise his clients on whom to hire and what to do to get the problem properly fixed.

There are so many important qualities to consider but we wanted to share just a few.  While they might be common sense, we want you to be sure not to overlook them.  If you have any questions about home inspection or mold assessment services in the Albany area, please reach out to Bald Eagle Inspection Services.

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