The different kinds of electrical receptacles in a home

Electrical receptacles literally mean the electric outlets, the places where you access power to use your appliances in your home.  Electrical receptacles are connected to the main source of electricity at the electrical panel, most likely in a garage or in the basement or, if on a concrete slab, in a utility closet.  They have openings for a socket to be inserted, which requires power, example adaptors, chargers, TV connections, in short every electric connection gets its power when attached to an electric receptacle. 

Electric receptacles are available in many different colors, but utility wise they are different only in two aspects-

  1. The voltage

  2. The number of slots- two or three

The new varieties these days, all have three slots, in older homes; one can see the two slot ones. The two common slots are- the neutral one (wider) and the 2nd, the hot one (narrow), the third slot is that of grounding. One must never take the importance of grounding for granted. Grounding is a way in which the risk factor of electricity can be reduced to a large extent. Grounding is a process by which, an additional path is provided for the current to safely return to the ground. In short, grounding helps to stabilize the changing voltage levels and hence prevents against damages like electrocution.

There are various types of electrical receptacles available in the market like, GFCI, AFCI (arc fault circuit interrupter), 20A circuits (for heavy appliances in garages, laundry rooms, cold storage), switched (with a switch to put on or off), USB ones (one with usb slots- for mobile charging), etc. one can’t decide, which is a better option, it has to be a combination of the ones which are required. Right receptacle for the right purpose is the key to a safe house.

I think it is mandatory, that one takes the suggestions of home inspector seriously and do the required repairs or changes as safety is the prime concern. Electricity is both a boon and a bane and one must never fool around with it.  If you are in Albany and need home inspection services, please consider calling Bald Eagle today.


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