4 home inspection tips for first-time home buyers

Moving into and buying a house is one of the major milestones you’ll conquer in your life. That’s exactly why you need to make sure it’s a memorable and successful milestone. Buying a new home can be challenging especially when you’re not well-versed in the art of real estate. While trusting your real estate agency on choosing the ideal house for you is great, blind trust can actually cost you. That’s why before you sign the deal with the prospective house-seller make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into.

The first step to ensure you’re making the right decision is a home inspection of the property. Hiring a team of qualified home inspectors who can produce an overview of the house can help you make an intelligent choice. However, as a homebuyer, you need to be actively involved in the process as well.

Here are four incredibly useful home inspection tips for first-time home buyers:

#1: Be Present at the Time of the Home Inspection

Many home-buyers choose to leave the inspection entirely on the professionals and wait for the final summary. However, home-inspectors make a concise overview highlighting the main features and faults of the property. They might overlook or choose not to mention details like a beehive right outside the master bedroom window and if you’re scared of bees, you could end up with a crisis on your hand.

That’s exactly why you need to be present at the time of the home inspection so you can make sure you know everything the inspectors are picking.

#2: Be Nosy!

It’s not just okay to be nosy; it’s essential. After all, you’re investing a lot of money into this new house. Ask questions from your home inspector throughout the inspection and don’t feel ashamed to ask too many. However, we do recommend asking the questions after an element of the inspection is done.

#3: Educate Yourself on the Common Red Flags

As important it is to hire a professional company to carry out the home inspection, it is equally important to educate yourself beforehand about the common red flags house inspectors come across. Search the internet and learn about the things that make a house unsafe or unsuited to live in. Faulty wiring, molds, termites and improper drainage are just to name a few.

#4: Final Questions

Even if you find the house okay to live in, there might be something that would make an experienced home inspector steer clear of the deal. Before bidding farewell to your house inspectors, make sure to ask them one final question:  would they buy this particular house? If not, then why not?

A home inspection can become a breeze and you can safely sign the deal if you know your role in the whole process. Happy buying!

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