What can I do to ensure my septic tank lasts longer?

A septic tank is an underground tank, to collect household waste from the kitchen, sewage etc. It also has a drainage system designed to further treat any waste collected.  Septic tanks are used to decompose waste and make nutritional compost. This process takes a lot of time for the compost to be formed; there is a lot of other waste that gets accumulated in the tank that needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. If septic tanks are not cleaned at scheduled times, they can have a lot of environmental problems and other health issues as well. This work can be done with the help of septic tank companies and their trucks.

A licensed home inspector examines the entire house- all the structural aspects from the attic to the backyard and makes a written report about the same, in which he also makes recommendations about changes required. This report helps the buyer decide if he/she is interested in buying the property.

One of the major components checked by a quality home inspector, especially for homes outside major metropolitan area, is to examine the condition and working order of the underground septic tank, as the repair or change of the septic tank is a tedious and costly affair.

Best things to do, to ensure your septic tank is working efficiently-

  1. Avoid transfer of oils and grease in the tank- cooking oil from the kitchen or grease block the drainage. They don’t decompose and also are difficult to be removed from the tank and hence can cause permanent damage over the period of time.

  2. Never dump non-degradable waste in the tank- waste like sanitary napkins, condoms, polythene bags, cotton, etc from the kitchen or toilet clog the tank and should be thrown in the dustbin and never in the septic tanks. Also harmful things like paints should not be put in the tanks.

  3. Septic tanks should be checked regularly- septic tanks should be watertight and sludge from them should be removed at regular intervals for them to work efficiently.

A home inspector usually does only a visual test but in some cases, when he has any doubt, may perform a load and dye test. Though the septic tank is a small part of the house inspection, an underperforming septic tank lowers the value of the house and can be a menace to the entire surrounding area because of the pungent smell and the health hazards it may cause. Getting the septic tank regularly cleaned and professionally checked at least once a year is highly recommended.

If you live in the outskirts of Albany and have a septic tank and are considering selling your home, it would be a great idea to invest in having a qualified home inspector to inspect the tank and the rest of your home so you know exactly what repairs are necessary before you list your home.  Give Bald Eagle Inspection Services a call today!


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