Does Mold Require a Specialized Inspection?

Mold is tricky. It knows how to hide. Whether it’s in a dark corner of your basement or under a rusty old table you’d never think of checking, mold can thrive practically anywhere where it can find an opportunistic habitat. In a house where everything is organic, that habitat is everywhere.

Specialized Mold Inspection

So in a normal home inspection, chances are this stealthy mold might be overlooked. That’s why mold requires a specialized inspection by specialists who can locate and find out if the house you’re about to buy or your current house is infested by mold.

The big question, however, is how you would know when to hire a specialist in mold inspection. Look out for red flags throughout your house or those given by your home inspector. Smelly basements, water strains, leaky roofs and walls all qualify as red flags for molds that should prompt you to call a specialized mold inspector.

Cost of Mold Remediation

Another important reason to consider specialized mold inspection is the cost of mold remediation. If in case you find out after years that mold has been growing in a corner of your house, the cost of eradicating the mold and preventing its eruption again can hit you hard in the wallet. While specialized inspections aren’t exactly cheap either, they are still much more reasonable in comparison to the costs of mold remediation.

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Mold Health Issues

Mold growing in the house can also lead to serious health concerns. Neglected or overlooked mold can cause health issues for you and your family so it’s best to get the mold inspected and removed while you have the chance.

Mold Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Getting a specialized mold inspection is something you should consider if you’re selling your house because real estate agents and prospective tenants will avoid buying your house if they notice visible mold growing inside.

Hire a Licensed Mold Inspection Expert

The bottom line is that normal home inspector companies are not mold experts. Mold has a way of hiding in the darkest, most inconspicuous of places and can be overlooked by experts who are specialized in inspecting other elements of the house. If you suspect mold growing in your house or in a house you’re thinking of buying, save your worries and hire a licensed mold inspector to get the inspection done.

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