Questions to ask Your Home Inspector

Buying a new house is never easy. The process of finding your ideal neighborhood and tackling the monthly payment according to your budget is a mammoth task in itself. But once you’ve narrowed it down to a potential house, there’s still house inspection left to ensure the house you’re about to buy is safe and in a good condition. If you’re a buyer, there are a few questions you need to ask your home inspector before you sign the lease.

Be Present During House Inspection

A lot of buyers leave the house inspection to the professionals and wait for the final report. If you’re actually serious about getting the best deal, you should accompany the house inspector during the entire process. You should ask questions beforehand but asking questions along the way can help rule out potential problems too.

What You Should Ask Your Home Inspector

Some of the basic things to ask your home inspector are the cost of inspection, common red flags, questions on damages and mold.

1.     How much will the inspection cost me? The final price of the house inspection varies with the size of the residence. With smaller houses the cost can be around US $200-$250 (1000 square feet), while larger houses with over 2000 square feet can cost around US $400. The price can also go up if your inspector offers additional services like repairing.

2.     What are the common red flags? Anything that can put your life at risk living in the house is a major red flag. Faulty wiring is the number one problem that can turn away potential buyers. Other red flags include improper drainage, leaks, surface molds or poor ceiling material.

3.     Does the age of the house matter? Usually, newer houses are constructed with better, stronger materials and have a more modern architecture. Older homes may have more faults and flaws but you might be able to look past them if the house is well maintained.

4.     Would you buy this house if our roles were reversed? Finally, ask your home inspector if they would sign the deal on the house you’re getting inspecting. If the answer is no, you should inquire more and find out exactly why not.

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