What you should know about dryer ducting in your home

We see a lot of discussion on home inspector forums about rules pertaining to dryer duct safety and dryer transition ducts.  We figure if home inspectors are having challenges getting the right answers then you as a homeowner might be even more confused.

We do many home inspections in Albany, and throughout Saratoga County including Ballston Spa and Saratoga Springs. We make sure to spend time looking at your dryer ventilation system to ensure it is up to code and it will not cause the risk for fire or damage to your home.

The first thing I want to do is share with you what a dryer duct is versus a dryer transition duct.   A dryer duct actually runs throughout your home to take air from your dryer and exhausted to the exterior of your house.   A transition duct is a flexible piece of ducting material that allows your dryer to connect to the actual ductwork.   The important thing for you to know is that a transition duct should only be used at the base of your dryer and connecting to the actual duct.

All dryer exhaust ducts are required to vent outside of your home. Sure, you could use a device to allow your dryer to exhaust inside of your home but with all that moisture in your home it could cause mold and other issues.

So, we often see people using the duct transition and running it all the way outside of their house. This is against code and will red flag a home inspection. Dryer duct should not exceed 35 feet and there are certain reduction’s allowed for elbow fittings.  The key is to not count the transition duct when determining the actual length of your duct.

Each terminal must have it on backdraft damper her and you were not allowed to use any screens because they have the potential to get clogged. The worst case scenario is when we see screens installed on the roof terminals and they get clogged and all that moisture Gets rerouted throughout the house causing potential mold and structural issues.

If you are planning to buy or sell a home in Albany, Saratoga Springs or other areas be sure to contact a licensed home inspection company like Bald Eagle Inspection Services.

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