Mold Testing and your Home Inspection

As we enter the fall season here in the Albany area, more homes start being closed up getting ready for the cold weather. Especially, if you live in Ballston spa, Saratoga Springs or even Clifton Park,  you might be living in an older home that might have experienced moisture buildup in your basement or in other areas of the house. 

If this is the case, is important to consider hiring a certified home Inspector who specializes in doing mold assessments.  Mold can be a health hazard but it doesn’t have to be as serious if you address it properly.

We typically see black mold buildup as a result of a moisture stores that was left unchecked for a period of time.  This is known to cause allergy related breathing problems in asthmatics or in anyone with allergies. It is definitely not safe to keep your house closed up if you are breathing in any mold spores.  

Mold assessments are complicated in nature and require a professional to do them properly. They will determine the presence and type of the mold that are being released into your house.

A good home inspector will actually do the mold assessment as well as an indoor air quality test determine the level of seriousness. If they come back and find that there are mold spores in the air, you will want to consider having abatement completed in your home.

So if you are considering buying a home and are concerned about mold or moisture you see in the house, make sure to notify your home inspector in the Albany area and they will be sure to offer their suggestions in testing. Further, if you are a seller who has experienced water or moisture buildup in your home, you might want to consider being proactive and having a certified home Inspector do a mold assessment so you know the extent of any potential damage before you even put your house on the market.

If you are looking for a great home inspector in the Ballston Spa or Saratoga Springs areas, please consider calling Bald Eagle Inspection Services today.

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