The importance of testing as part of a high quality mold assessment and mold inspection…

In addition to air testing, when necessary, mold lift and swab sampling is used to scientifically identify what mold is growing. Some mold assessment professionals may tell you that testing is not necessary, however, I encourage testing on all mold assessment projects and here’s why: A true scientist will collect all levels of available data to form a hypothesis, understand the problem and create a solution. Mold assessment reports are, typically otherwise, standardized verbiage only varied by a limited amount of data which can be collected and analyzed, such as relative humidity, size of mold contamination, type of mold present and cause of mold, if identifiable. My company is geared to provide reports of the highest quality and I use all of this information to furnish a high quality report. If you take away the ability to test, you have therefore removed 25% of analytical data from which the requirements for cleanup are based. Certain types of mold require more rigorous cleaning procedures. Some types of mold release mycotoxins which are highly toxic to breath and can be hazardous to health. Of course, testing is always a recommendation and never a requirement.

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