Common window problems during home inspections

Living in the Capital Region, we have inspected many houses over the years. There are many common issues that we find in different aspects of a home.   Specifically, we find many common problems. Inspect the windows of homes. 

Typically, we will start by inspecting the outside of your home. We will look for any trim that might be damaged or displaced, look for signs of caulking that has cracked or windows that look cloudy because the insulating gas that exists in double paned windows has been depleted due to some crack in the frame.   We will look for any bent or damaged screens. 

Ultimately, we are looking for any damage caused by ice or rain that could cause water to enter the home which can lead to mold or other structural issues.   There are many issues we find specifically with windows. Here are our most common defects we have identified doing many home inspections in Saratoga Springs and surrounding areas.

1)  Windows that are cloudy or foggy –  most people don’t realize that a double paned window actually has a special inert gas placed between the panes to provide a level of insulation.  If ice snow or something else has caused damage to the frame or the glass, that inner gas could escape and moisture buildup can occur.  This is what causes that he’s he filmed that tends to build up on the inside surface of the windows. This can also cause a reduction in insulation power of the windows.

2)  signs of water getting inside –  we will typically find staining on the windowsills that is proof that water is getting into your home. We might use a special moisture meter to identify further issues

3)  cracked windows – especially here in Albany, when we just get cold, and he cracked windows will definitely allow cold air into your home. But the bigger issue is your family safety. Any cracked glass can be a cause of injury in the future

There are many other common issues be fine with windows but these tend to be the most prevalent. If you are local and looking for a Ballston Spa or Saratoga Springs home inspector, look no further than Bald Eagle Inspection Services.  If you are in need of mold assessment services in Saratoga Springs, we can help!

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