Concerned about mold? Be concerned what your insurance policy does NOT cover…

If you live here in the Albany area and own a home that is over 40 years old, there’s always the chance you’ll see an increase of mold in your home. The Capital Region is notorious for being a wet climate with all the rain we see throughout the year.  

So if you have identified that you have some sort of mold in your home or basement, you will want to assess if it is beyond your capabilities of removing or if you require a certified mold remediation expert. 

If you see that you have a breakout of mold in your home, please call Bald Eagle Inspection Services today.   We are certified in providing a thorough mold assessment service to Albany and all the way up to Saratoga Springs. 

What most people don’t realize is that any damage caused by mold might not even be covered by your homeowners insurance policy.  This is not surprising because most insurance companies just love to get their hands on your money but when it comes time to pay, they fight tooth and nail by putting these little closet in your policy. You want to make sure you do your homework and find out what your policy covers and what does not.

We are able to do a thorough mold assessment at your home and determine what level of damage you have and if you should be concerned with future mold growth. Further, we will likely recommend that you have an air-quality test conducted to determine if the air in your home is safe to breathe for you and your family. 

Key is to minimize or remove any water or moisture from your home because this is the only way that mold forms.  Any mold present can cause someone with asthma do you have an asthma attack or other related breathing problems. Work to see you and insulate your doors and other areas to keep it safe from water build up.

Then, we recommend that you check your homeowners insurance policy to determine what they do cover and what they do not. If you have determined that you have mold that gives you concern for your family safety, please consider investing in a mold assessment service to give you the peace of mind you need to make an informed decision. 

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