What are the most common homeowner electrical wiring mistakes?

There are many do-it-yourselfers in the Albany area.  Many homeowners will attempt to take on home projects that might be a bit out of their wheelhouse.  But, that doesn’t stop them.  

Many do at least some of the home wiring themselves. Electrical wiring is one of the most essential and at the same time very critical to the household, but I have noticed, most people don’t take the necessary precautions while dealing with electrical wires, which could turn out to be lethal. Though it is not a very tough job, there are a few things one must definitely keep in mind before doing any repairs, or new installations, so as to avoid any damage. Always use good quality products, wires, breakers, etc and keep the following easy tips in mind to make your house much safer.

Firstly let us analyze the common electrical wiring mistakes and then work on its solution-

  1. People use lower current carrying wires in circuits with high amperage. While adding a new outlet or circuit one must make sure that the wires used and the device has similar amperes. Amperes is the unit of electric current.

  2. If there is a constant tripping, replace the fuse- this is the biggest mistake and the most common cause of fire outbreak. Breakers trip because of problem in the circuit wiring and the circuit wiring should be checked and changed and not the fuse.

  3. The most common mistake done in the household is putting a bulb of higher wattage in a low watt socket- of course, the bulb lights, but the socket will heat up because of the extra pressure, eventually the base, after constant heating, may cause fire. Always use light bulbs in the recommended socket only.

A good, quality, licensed home inspector will examine the entire home, and will be sure to do a thorough check of the electrical system.  With the risk of electrical fires or other related damage, thoroughness is what separates the great inspectors from the average.  A good home inspector will examine the entire electrical system-all the wires, fuse, and appliances at home and also if they are according to the safety standards. The home inspector will work in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) to ensure all work is maintained to code. In his written report, he mentions everything, from what is working perfectly to suggestions for repair or change. He is trained and certified for doing so.  

If you have a contract in on a home, it is to your benefit to take his recommendations seriously and work accordingly, because after all it’s about you and your family’s safety.  A well kept electrical wiring system is one of the most essential requirements while buying a house.

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